gifted and talented

Q: What is gifted and talented education?

A: According to the South Carolina Department of Education, “Gifted and talented students are those who are identified in grades 1-12 as demonstrating high performance ability or potential in academic and/or artistic areas. These students require an educational program beyond that normally provided by the general school program in order to achieve their potential.”

Q: What are the standards for gifted and talented education in south carolina?

A: Click here to access a course list, a best practices manual, assessment information, and more. 

Q: Do all charter schools offer a gifted and talented program?

A: No, not all Charter Schools offer a Gifted and Talented program. Please reach out to the school to which you are interested in applying for your student to inquire at the school level.

Q: How can my student qualify for Gifted and Talented academic services?

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