2022 Awards Banquet

The fourth annual Charter Institute at Erskine Awards Banquet was hosted on Thursday, May 19 at the Columbia Convention Center. Over 250 attendees from the Charter Institute at Erskine’s 26 charter schools statewide attended the event, including students, parents, volunteers, teachers, and school leadership. 

teacher of the year

Megan Patterson

Belton Preparatory Academy

students of the year

Makenzie Godfrey

Summit Classical School

21-22 Institute Elementary School Student of the Year

Terrance Heyward

Royal Live Oaks Academy of the Arts and Sciences

21-22 Middle School Student of the Year

Jason Lin

Lowcountry Leadership Charter School

21-22 High School Student of the Year

Volunteer of the year

Keith Anderson

Gray Collegiate Academy

21-22 Lynn Higgins Volunteer of the Year

State Advocate of the year

Pierce McNair

2022 State Advocate of the Year

Coordinators of the year