arcs & css


ARCS is the Institute’s progress monitoring system to evaluate internal program management and to support schools in a fair, transparent, and consistent manner. ARCS includes specific consideration of academic and support services designed to promote high quality instruction for all students.  Every Institute department has built pre-determined indicators to set standards for the Actions expected of each school. Results of the school’s actions are recorded in a database maintained by the Institute. Institute departments evaluate the Commitment ratings for each school and use the rating to provided appropriate Support. Schools receive both an overall rating as well as individual ratings for each area of ARCS (Academics & Accountability, Governance, etc.). ARCS data are based on school performance during the academic year for which the report is published and do not reflect prior year performance.

ARCS standards are categorized as priority or supporting standards. A school’s overall rating is determined by the commitment shown on the priority standards, where area level performance is based on priority and supporting standards. To help ensure success, the Institute provides varying levels of school support based on each school’s overall and individual area ratings. Schools meeting expectations will receive universal support. For schools not scoring Meets Expectations, the Institute will provide targeted or intensive support to assist schools in meeting expectations outlined in individual standards of need. The ARCS Commitment and Support Framework provides an outline of the system.


The Comprehensive School Snapshot (CSS) provides summary information of school performance in key areas of the Actions, Results, Commitment, and Support (ARCS) system. The CSS can assist in identifying areas of opportunity and strength to support the annual continuous improvement cycle at the school and Institute level.

Questions about the ARCS or CSS reports can be directed to Naomi Morgan.

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Director of School Performance

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