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The Charter Institute at Erskine Schools recognize gifted students and their needs.  Gifted and talented students are those who are identified in grades 2 -12 as demonstrating high performance ability or potential in academic and/or artistic areas. These students often require an educational program beyond the normally provided general school program in order to achieve their potential.  The purpose of these documents is to provide guidance for policies and procedures regarding the gifted and talented program. The Charter Institute at Erskine maintains the role of an authorizer and LEA. Each charter school within the Institute has the autonomy to develop policies and procedures individualized to meet the needs of the school, if those policies and procedures are consistent with State and Federal Laws, the school’s charter, as well as contract and Institute policies and procedures.  If there is a resource you would like to tweak to fit your school, send an email to and an editable version will be emailed to you.


Monitoring Checklist

Gifted and Talented Eligibility 

Gifted and Talented Manual



Regulation 43-220


Gifted and Talented Education Overview

GT Identification Flowchart

GT Trial Placement Policy

Removal of Students from the GT Program with Checklists

NAGC Programming Standards

GT Best Practices Guidelines: Program Models

GT Best Practices Guidelines: Curriculum and Instruction

GT Best Practices Guidelines: Identification

GT Best Practices Guidelines: Assessment

GT Best Practices Guidelines: Professional Development


GT Best Practices Guidelines: Program Evaluation

GT Best Practices Guidelines: Program Monitoring and Reporting

GT Best Practices Guidelines: Support Services


Free Webinars

Prufrock Press

National Association For Gifted Children


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