Dear Paperwork...Game On!

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As a statewide authorizer, we recognize the additional layers of reporting that is required of our charter schools. Because many responsibilities in programming and operations rest at the individual school level, rather than with a concentrated traditional district office, we understand the additional efforts that often rest with many school employees. In response to these increased burdens, we’re seeking to introduce a process for identifying and reviewing requirements that may be unnecessary, duplicative, or confusing. It is our objective to utilize these instances as opportunities to enhance the technical assistance we provide, to ensure the consolidation of collections where possible, and to challenge state or federal requirements where unnecessary burdens are identified while simultaneously adhering to the Institute’s mission of innovation and creativity.

We are therefore launching the “Dear Paperwork” project. This initiative will allow schools to appeal to the Institute through a specific process as a way to challenge any requirements that may be seen as redundant or unnecessary. The schools will have an opportunity to inquire about the purpose of the trainings and utility of the information if it is believed that they do not support the mission of the schools. This helps the Institute review the requirement, research its utility, and ultimately, ensure that schools utilize as much of their time as possible to educate children.

This process also encourages schools to better understand reporting requirements, and how they explicitly relate to charter, state or federal requirements. The school also must consider whether the requirements, meetings, and trainings are designed to fulfill the mission of the Institute and assist the sector as a whole.

Once the school has reviewed these criteria the school can use the link above to submit the concern and supplemental information. The Institute will reach out to the school to provide more clarity if necessary.

If the Institute is able to show evidence on the criteria-aligned purpose of the requirement/training, the Institute will get a point. If the Institute fails to do so, the schools will receive a point.

Both the team and the Institute and the schools are expected to maintain high level of professionalism when expressing their concerns or clarifying the concerns.


Please contact [email protected] with any questions.